Software Consultancy for Entrepreneurs and Innovators


Straight-Talking Advice

Haven’t got enough geek… or maybe you’ve got a bit too much! Either way, getting expert advice from a seasoned developer is a great idea. It's even better when that developer speaks good old, plain talking, jargon-free English and listens to what you’re saying back. From one-off questions to regular advice and non-exec directorships, all options are considered. You just need to be interesting and interested!

Hands-On Development

Got a stonking web app that needs building, fixing, stretching or upgrading but don’t have the people to do it? You could benefit from bringing in a consultant who’ll understand your business, your users, your technology and… well, understand you.

Team Building and Recruitment

If you’re currently outsourcing but want to bring your software development in-house, then well done! Nothing compares to developers who know your business and are committed members of your team. Get expert help to design a team that's right for you, to help you recruit the right people, then provide ongoing monitoring and mentoring to keep it in great shape.

Software Start-Ups

Calling all entrepreneurs! Get a minimum viable product or prototype together at minimum cost and time, and give your business the best chance of success. If you don’t have much cash (and most start-ups don’t) then you’ll be pleased to hear that sweat equity and deferred payments are all considered.


Man, the living creature, the creating individual, is always more important than any established style or system.
- Bruce Lee



A business directory enhancement that takes your top search results and gets those businesses to call you. This application puts an end to the hassle and uncertainty of trying to contact small businesses.

Designed and built in two months, this site, brand and web application are beautifully designed, simple to integrate and easy to use.


Travel Fund

A point of purchase credit facility that integrates into online travel websites. In just ten weeks we created the initial branding and minimum viable product leading to successfully gaining the full SEIS funding.

Travelfund (now is live and providing loans to excited travellers.



An email marketing platform that now sends billions of emails each year but which started as a four person, front room, business.

From building the software in 2003 (including an innovative MVC framework), through managing the business, building the technical team and then selling the business twice, this is a text book software start-up.



A disruptive web start-up that revolutionised the way consumer debt was collected. We designed and developed the software from scratch including a custom lightweight framework, acquired a good market share, broke even and then sold the business all within one year.

There was nothing text-book about this start-up!


Coco Wedding Venues

A style-focussed wedding venue directory that has carved itself an uber-cool niche in the wedding space thanks to its stylish venues and brand.

This uses a custom-built responsive wordpress theme to provide maximum design flexibility and performance, and looks too good to be using a free CMS!


corporate and banking

A range of developments within the big old corporate machine based on various technologies from old school to cutting edge (for the 90's!), and clients including:

Baring Asset Management... Gartmore Investment Management... AXA (Paris).

No suits please!